Being #student#motivator#speaker#inspirer. I am one among you, a #commonsoul.I am here to share my dot of knowledge. We know the importance of health in our life.For that we earn,spend much in the right way to stay healthy.I have personally seen my dad looking for various health seeking things #like nutrient drinks,physiotherapy,massage and so on.And I am not here to tell you people about these usual things to stay healthy.As I know its the need of the hour.Staying healthy is our #dream#desire#goal#aim.But the question of “How to stay healthy remains a ?mark”. Is that that difficult to find the right way to stay healthy.Definitely not so.

             Staying #fit#healthy is not a short time process.Just with a drink or with some nutrient food for few days wont sustain the healthiness in you.It should be a #continuous#longtime process .The burning desire in you should make each and every activity of you to drive towards healthiness.You may now ask me what is your idea of staying fit.My answer for that is Reiki. Some may find the word to be new,some would have heard about it,some feel yea I know about this dude.My idea of initiating the blog is to tell my #experience#travel with this beautiful healing method called reiki.To be continued with #factualstories…By lalitha chellappan



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