#post4_Helloo friends. Its been a #long_time. Hope you guys are doing good. When I ask people they have got their own experiences to tell. Some are good. Some are not. Likewise everyone have got something to #forget. Something we #don’t _wana_remember. Something we feel #sad_about it. Something we #regret in our life. I have felt this many times like, wont it be good if we have some #delete button for our memory, just like that press the button,delete it and move on. But I will tell, fortunately no such buttons are there. If so we wont stop doing things that we regret later.#lol_Imagination apart_Won’t it be good if we have lesser impact from things that hurt us badly? or from things which we don’t wana remember?_It will be really good right?_this is the point where I personally got impressed about #reiki.

  To be honest, I did my first level #reiki by my mom’s compulsion. Second level learning was out of my own curiosity seriously. Like#what_is_there_in_this_#reiki?_#why_people_around_me are so much into it? After I learned what is all about, I was told for what all we can use #reiki for.#this was very hard for me to believe_I was told we can reduce the impact of bad memories within ourselves. Even its hard for you too to believe right_? Actually this one attracted me the most. But I did not believe in the moment coz I personally did not experienced it. Like any other people, even I have got some bad memories to forget. Those memories have got very large impressions in my life. So I thought why not I give it a try_?That night I myself gave #reiki to the intention, I should just forget about things which irked me for a long time. And You won’t believe, impact of those memories are really lesser than what I thought. #Believe_in_You_and_Yourself. To be continued with #factual_stories_#lalitha_chellappan.


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