Good to know it better!

#post_7_#better_to_know_it_Better!.. Let me start with a very simple question. What is a disease?_What it is all about?_I guessed what you are thinking..Fine. Let me brief you the meaning from the point view of Reiki..Yes! Your guess is right..But a little more than what you are already aware of. Our body is made up of energy. Agree? Energy needs to be in flow. you cannot store it nor retain it. Just a flow is all it needs. If there is a blockage in the flow of energy, it leads to disease. I think it make sense and it is clear enough.

Okay here it goes.Here are the popular drug based medications. First of all the most popular #1_ Allopathy .. Yes it does give immediate effect .But its also proven it has got side effects too. According to Allopathy, a person need three things..#_food#_water#_oxygen to be alive.Then why do people get prolonged disease or do they die when they get all the three.It is clearly seen that something more is needed to survive..Yes it is the Energy! And speaking about side effects its way worse.No need much explanation about it. Then #2_Ayurvedha .It has got the worse effects on long run is leading to kidney failure, a reference says. Then comes #3_Siddha medicine..It is an excellent medications to be believed in, but the set back is there is no proper authentic person with full knowledge. As it was from one to one preaching in olden days, most of records do not exist today. #4_Unani medicines..They are not popular and little effect on disease.

On the other hand, we have the drug-less medications.As first it includes #5_Yoga. It is a best system for  proper health when practiced on long run from the beginning. But in the case of ill person..It throws many restrictions and especially it needs to be done only in empty stomach. So timings play a role. Then #6_Pranayam. Best way to keep the body balanced.But cannot be practiced by persons having heart problems nor after eating. #7_Acupuncture .Using needles on right points to gain relief from pain but not permanent relief. It need to be repeated and it  is expensive too. #8_Acupreassure ..Giving pressure to body parts to get relief from pain. But works for just out layered problems. #9_Pronic healing..resembles energy but is not that effective as per feedbacks. And the last on the list #10_Reiki. I know I have told you people about its pros. Even it has got its set backs.. We cannot rely upon reiki when some immediate relief is accident..rushing to hospital would be the best way to save the life. Having bone fractured, Reiki cannot be given there as it make new bone grow between the broken one and makes it difficult to set.

So disease have to be cured based on the nature of it..Being said that, a study says 75% of disease is by mental pressure and depression.That indirectly means there is a energy block.And reiki is all about removing energy blocks and curing diseases.#lalithachellappan


Questions_to_be _#answered

#post3_heloo people.Happy to see you all people with another post.#reiki_Its all about it.But for today I thought of sharing one of my happening with you guys. After my first post, a person came up to me and asked about #reiki.With so much interest I tried my best to explain about it.Finally the person was making his queries_#Can reiki be used only for health purpose?_ #Can reiki be misused?_I felt it was some common question to be answered.

Being asked_#Can reiki be used only for health purpose?_It is actually a no.Learning process of reiki has got three levels.First level is for physical healing.The second level gives way for mental healing in addition.By mental healing I mean the intentions that has got effect on attitude.Your intention can be of anything like_#To get first grade in school_#To be successful in life_#To forget something_#Intention can even be for someone. I know what’s your question now.#Can reiki be misused through intentions?_#the answer is noo_#you cannot do any harmness to others using reiki. You can only create positive vibe.#only_good_things_can_happen.And even if your intention is a #negative one #reiki won’t have its effect.To be continued with factual_stories_#lalitha_chellappan.

Are you interested?

#post2_Heloo people! First of all I would like to thank all
souls who supported me with the first post.I am very excited to continue blogging
with more of my experiences.Many people pinged me personally asking what the
blog is all about..?_with so much interest_&What does these tags denote#reiki_#healhealthily_#power_in_your_hands..?_some were like_Are you serious about what your talking dude..?_Dont bluff with some uncommon words_? and some came forward with questions which made me think about it_likewise I came up with varities.But all this just fulfilled me with so much of eagerness to write my next one:)

Coming to topic..#Reiki_what is this_?keeping it very simple.._”its a energy healing
process_you can also call it a method”. As this post is very much concerned about
what it is all about I am just giving you the raw data with no assumptions
or predictions.#reiki was developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist called
#Mikao usui._being a common soul,we would have heard about many different medications like #Ayurveda #homeopathy #Allopathy #Siddha and many more based on our culture.Reiki is one such form to stay healthy but with just using
the energy around you_#no_medicines_involved. Everything around us is made up
of energy_that includes even us.#The_energy_has_the_power_to_heal_things.This is
principle behind the practice.To be continued with factual stories..#lalitha_chellappan


Being #student#motivator#speaker#inspirer. I am one among you, a #commonsoul.I am here to share my dot of knowledge. We know the importance of health in our life.For that we earn,spend much in the right way to stay healthy.I have personally seen my dad looking for various health seeking things #like nutrient drinks,physiotherapy,massage and so on.And I am not here to tell you people about these usual things to stay healthy.As I know its the need of the hour.Staying healthy is our #dream#desire#goal#aim.But the question of “How to stay healthy remains a ?mark”. Is that that difficult to find the right way to stay healthy.Definitely not so.

             Staying #fit#healthy is not a short time process.Just with a drink or with some nutrient food for few days wont sustain the healthiness in you.It should be a #continuous#longtime process .The burning desire in you should make each and every activity of you to drive towards healthiness.You may now ask me what is your idea of staying fit.My answer for that is Reiki. Some may find the word to be new,some would have heard about it,some feel yea I know about this dude.My idea of initiating the blog is to tell my #experience#travel with this beautiful healing method called reiki.To be continued with #factualstories…By lalitha chellappan