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#post5_”Success comes in CAN s

                Failure comes in CAN’T s”

   #You become successful with your  #Positive_attitude.You gotta believe that you will be successful. So this attitude is dependent on your  #Self_Esteem. We judge our #Self_Esteem by the comments or feed backs of teachers, neighbors, or friends.Those feed backs get  #ingrained_in_your_mind which reflects in your performance. So the success or failure is the reflection of your attitude. If your attitude is always negative due to discouraging comments received in your young days, when you reach adulthood,you have to change it into #Positive_attitude for  #Success_in_life!_#To be continued_#lalitha_chellappan



Questions_to_be _#answered

#post3_heloo people.Happy to see you all people with another post.#reiki_Its all about it.But for today I thought of sharing one of my happening with you guys. After my first post, a person came up to me and asked about #reiki.With so much interest I tried my best to explain about it.Finally the person was making his queries_#Can reiki be used only for health purpose?_ #Can reiki be misused?_I felt it was some common question to be answered.

Being asked_#Can reiki be used only for health purpose?_It is actually a no.Learning process of reiki has got three levels.First level is for physical healing.The second level gives way for mental healing in addition.By mental healing I mean the intentions that has got effect on attitude.Your intention can be of anything like_#To get first grade in school_#To be successful in life_#To forget something_#Intention can even be for someone. I know what’s your question now.#Can reiki be misused through intentions?_#the answer is noo_#you cannot do any harmness to others using reiki. You can only create positive vibe.#only_good_things_can_happen.And even if your intention is a #negative one #reiki won’t have its effect.To be continued with factual_stories_#lalitha_chellappan.